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Artist's Statement


         When I was a tiny human, staring out the window of my cardboard spaceship, I dreamed of creating adventures that didn't and couldn't exist in the real world. Writing stories and bringing them to life became the anchor to each day. Fortunately, through the wonderful power of MiniDV tapes, I found that telling stories can be infinitely more effective through a lens.

          Making short films about telekinesis, and cloning myself, I realized I could not get enough of these detours from reality. When I was eighteen I wrote, directed, and edited a thirty minute sci-fi film that premiered at my high school auditorium for a crowd of three hundred people. That experience was the most concrete evidence that my future was in visual media. Though drawn toward unusual comedic projects, I'm sure to explore other genres such as Sci-fi, action, and drama, which allow me to keep my emotional storytelling flexible. Even in darker pieces though, I love to discover ways to convey subtle hints of mischief beneath the decay, in an attempt to find a way to brighten the viewers's day. That rhyming may or may not have been intentional.

          Whether I'm writing scripts or editing footage, I am endlessly dedicated to making the most of every word and every frame. I'm never afraid to change my work and kill my darlings in my efforts to create anything that can make people forget that the real world is not always butterflies and sunshine. At the end of the day, I may never see the stars in my cardboard spaceship, but there's nothing stopping me from making a movie about it.

Joram Bierdeman, 2013

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